Australia's Fastest Car off to the 2020 World Final



F1 in Schools™ is the biggest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) competition in the world. Participating teams are given the task to design, manufacture, and race a 1/20th scale car against other schools. The teams must also create a brand for their team and make two portfolios showing the work they have accomplished. This competition teaches students life long skills and gives them personal traits and qualities defining their future careers and aspirations.

Meet the team

Caed Lawson
Design Engineer 
Reynold Chu
Business Manager
Ali Savage
Team Manager
Erin Bennett
Marketing Manager
Sanjay Sabu
Pit Display Engineer
Indianna Lawson
Graphic Designer

Dark Matter values the importance of accountability, responsibility, team unity, discipline, mental toughness, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and a desire to compete fairly. We strive to be a team that is like nothing on earth. Dark Matter has operated its manufacturing business as a partnership between five entrepreneurs (Caed Lawson, Ali Savage, Sanjay Sabu, Reynold Chu, Erin Bennett, Indianna Lawson) who together, have collaborated their individual entrepreneurial skills and expertise. Throughout the project, Dark Matter has needed to partner with external organisations for much-needed capital (sponsorship); intellectual and critical information gathering, and provision of resources. We would like to thank our sponsors, for making our team possible with the funding and assistance needed for our objectives to be completed effectively.




Dark Matters National finals car is the highly refined design that has been engineered using state of the art software. With the help of CFD and speaking with multiple engineers Dark Matters car is at a level that is like nothing on earth. Dark Matter has based a couple of its designs off nature. This allows for our car to use designs that have been refined over the course of many years and also have the data to back it up.

NewS Article

We Are Gold Coast, published an article about Dark Matter. Have a read and see our impact in our local community.


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